As we know Islam is a unique religion. Conversation not with Islam, almost everywhere it is important. Because a man can recognize with his attitude antiquates manners and behavior.  Language is the great gift of Allah, it has given to man makes him superior to all other creatures. Islam has given particular attention to talking, it is manners and regulations, because the talk that comes out of the mouth of a man discloses his academic level and ethical nature, because the etiquette of speech in a group reveals its general standard, and shows the standard of decency in their environment. Your behavior is your identity, your conversation must be concise and ethical, and those people who talked too much are mostly ignored by others. It does not matter where you are sitting always follow the rules and regulation in any company. Sometimes you go with your friends for a journey like New York, Dubai, Malaysia and flights to Jeddah or anywhere, even you should have to be in manners. And before addressing others take a fleeting look at yourself, and question for yourself whether this is right time which demands speaking. To avoid talking unnecessarily on appropriate occasions is a worship of great rewards. If the answer is in the assenting, then speak otherwise silence is much better. Silence is the key of wisdom.


 We should admit our mistakes in any case, if we have done something wrong, then admit it, If not then not to justify yourself. It generates concentration in what you say, while enhancing your respect. Do not use harsh language in conversation because it will effect on your personality. If a coworker was asked about something that you know, do not make haste to answer. Instead, you should only say something when you are asked. This is better manners, and a nobler approach. Hajj and Umrah travel helps you to find out your destination. A perfect and complete man is one who admitted his mistakes and give up them as soon as possible. Rare people do this because it is not an easy job to admit your mistakes; people use to fight to prove they true.  If another person was asked a question, never hasten to give an answer, first of all try to understand the question then answer him. This is the right way to prove you. If you realize that you are wrong in a certain point, do not hesitate to realizes or acknowledge it. This will be a plus point about your personality and will make others know that you as looking for the truth, and not trying to inflict your own estimation. Feeling and emotions play a major role in people’s decisions and moving somebody’s feelings in a positive way, Whether in a gathering or alone, your voice must be pleasant, with a low and audible tone. If someone started telling you or your group something that you make out very well, you should make up as if you do not know it.